All TTS  equipment is regularly serviced and ready for mobilisation. TTS can provide companies with long term equipment and personnel supply, or rapid solutions for short term surveys.

Below is a list of TTS Equipment available for hire, with a spec sheet for each Item. This list is regularly expanding however, so please contact us if you have a more specific requirement.


Please click on the links below for specifications and further details:

Seismic Streamers (Hydrophone  Arrays):

Geoeel Silicone Gel Streamer                        

Geoeel Solid Streamer

Calibrated Pulse Hydrophone                                                   


Digital Recording Systems:


Geometrics CNT-2 Recording System

Geometrics LH-16 Geoeel System


Streamer Levellor Systems & Positioning Equipment:


Digicourse System 3 Controller                         

Digicourse CMSX Controller                                           

Digicourse 5010 Cable Levellor

Digicourse 5011 Compass Cable Levellor        

Digicourse 5120 Digifin                                       


GPS Headbuoys & Tailbuoys:


TTS GPS Head/Tailbuoy

Modulus 101G Minipod

Modulus RFR Minipod Reciever


Source/Airgun Controllers:


RTS Hotshot

TTS SC2008                                                                                                              

TAP GI Source Controller


Seismic Source - Airguns:


TI Sleeve Airgun                                                  

Sercel GI Airgun                                                  

Sercel Watergun                                                 


Seismic Source - Sparkers:

Applied Acoustics UHD 240/400


High Pressure Air Compressor & Storage/Regulation Systems:


Hamworthy 4th190w70 (Electric Driven)    

Hamworthy 4th8 (Electric Driven)                

Sauer WP4321 (Electric Driven)                                                              

Bauer K-28AC (Electric Driven)

Coltri MCH-16 DY (Diesel Driven)

TTS Air Storage and Regulation System         


Seismic Quality Control & Processing:


Rad Ex Pro Seismic Processing Suite                       


Hydraulic Winches, Power Packs & Instrument Containers:


TTS Hydraulic Streamer Winches                   

TTS Hydraulic Tugger Winches                        

TTS Hydraulic Power Pack (Electric)                           

10ft Field Acquisition Shack                             


Other Equipment:


TTS Trigger Box                               


 Group Interval Available: 12.5m, 6.25m, 3.125m, 1.562m, 2m, 1m

 Group Interval Available: 12.5m, 6.25m, 3.125m

 Sensitivity Avaliable: 1v or 10v, with 100m Armoured Communications cable & Oscilloscope 

Versions Avaliable: v4, v5, v7. // Capable of 3d positioning & acquisition

Controller system for Digicourse Cable Levellers               

Note: For all cable levellors digicourse floats can be provided

Lateral Fin Control System

Head/Tailbuoy setups complete with various GPS transmitter options

GPS Position Beacon

101g Receiver Unit and Software 

Units capable of 4x TI Sleeve/G Airguns or 2x GI Airguns (units can be connected together for larger arrays)

Capable of 8x TI Sleeve/G Airguns or 4x GI Airguns

Can be arranged together in variable configurations // Units Avaliable: 40cu, 20cu, 15cu, 10cu, 5cu

Can be arranged together in variable configurations // Units Avaliable: 210cu, 150cu, 90cu, 50cu

Avaliable: 5cu,10cu

CFM: 175. Water Cooled - Several Units Available

CFM: 160. Water Cooled - Several Units Available

CFM: 30-50. Air Cooled - Several Units Available

CFM: 160. Air Cooled - Several Units Available

CFM 11: Air Cooled 

200L Storage Capacity, 250 Bar Certified, Fitted with Hale Hamilton Regulation System.

Various sizes available with/without slip rings. Please contact for additional information

3 Tonne rated. Tugger Winches

Fitted with 19'' racking facility as well UPS units upon client request

Used to intiate/control recording cycle

240 or 400 tip Sparker available with AAE CSP-N 2400J  Power Supply Unit