2D / 3D UHR Systems

TTS specialise in both 2D and 3D Ultra High Resolution Seismic Survey. This type of survey can be setup with a single UHR Streamer or multiple streamers.  

TTS have a range of highly sensitive, short channel interval streamers, specifically for UHR survey. These streamers can
 be hand deployed or mobilised on small hydraulic winches.


TTS UHR streamers have channel group intervals of 3.125m or less.  Specialised 1 metre and 2 metre channel group interval streamers are available. TTS streamers are modular in construction and can be setup in hybrid formation if required. For example, using front channels with 1m group spacing and rear channels with 2m. 

Streamer channel counts are available from 1 channel up to 192 channels.  All streamers are designed for use with digicourse depth controllers, ensuring streamers are towed at the best depth to receive all available high frequencies reflectors.


DGPS source and Streamer head floats, along with small DGPS tailbuoys are available to position equipment in the water, allowing for  real time 3D data binning.

TTS have a variety of Ultra High Frequency sources available for hire. These range from High Frequency sparker systems to mini airguns combined with small electric compressors (Sauer WP4321) . 


Survey objectives and target depths influence the type of source selected, however TTS can provide experience and advice in source selection if required.


TTS have completed several 3D UHR data acquisition using 4x UHR streamers  with 2x high frequency sources. TTS DGPS positioning was used on the head and tail of each streamer and on each of the seismic sources.


 DGPS positioning for all in water equipment allows for 3D data processing and the enhancing of data to show elements of the upper seabed that would be missed with traditional 2D UHR techniques.

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