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TTS offer a range of High and Ultra-High  Resolution Seismic Equipment for hire and can provide companies with either 'Complete data acquisition packages' or 'individual items' of seismic equipment.


TTS have been providing equipment and expertise to the seismic industry for over 30 years so can reliably advise on project planning and equipment selection. We also offer training courses and can assist with shipping logistics.




Detailed specifications for each item of TTS equipment can be found in Equipment Specifications, however below is an overview of the equipment TTS have available for hire:

Multi Channel Seismic Streamers & Recording Systems

TTS offer a range of multi-channel streamers (hydrophone arrays) and seismic recording systems, suitable for marine reflection, refraction or engineering surveys.

These streamers come in a various configurations, with channel group interval, hydrophones per group and channel sensitivity varying according to geophysical targets.


Streamers are avaliable on hydraulic winch systems or packages can be tailored to  suite  particular vessel requirements.

Seismic Source Arrays, Umbilicals, Frames & GPS Head and Tailbuoys

TTS offer a range of seismic source arrays including high pressure airgun and sparker source systems. 

Array type, volume and towing arrangement can be customised to suite survey requirements.

Calibrated Pulse test hydrophones are available, as well as Near/Far Field towed hydrophones, ensuring excellent source pulse analysis.

TTS offer a number of different GPS  options for positioning of seismic streamers and source. These GPS  systems are capable of RTK L1 & L2 accuracy and designed to work with all standard Navigation systems.

High Pressure Air Compressors & Air Regulation Systems


TTS offer  a range of high pressure air compressors.        Individual compressor air supply ranges up to 180cfm, however for higher delivery volumes TTS can tailor an equipment package as required.


Compressors are typically mounted in a standard 10ft shipping container or safety frame and  electrically powered.  Diesel powered units however can be supplied  for vessels with a poor electrical supply. 

TTS also offer high pressure air storage and regulation systems.  These certified 200L storage units allow delivery pressures to be consistently regulated and controlled.

Hydraulic Streamer Winches, Source Tugger Winches & Hydraulic Power Packs



TTS have a range of Hydraulic winches for hire. These units range from Source tugger winches to large diametre drum streamer winches.

Streamer winches are available in a range of different sizes with different drum diametres to suit any potential requirements. 

Hydraulic Power Packs can also be supplied and used to synchronise and control a number of winches or hydraulic units.

With a  variety of flow rates, these HPUs ensure a high specification and reliability of hydraulic fluid control.

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